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Our different boxes are specifically designed to meet the different needs of an average family. For example, we offer a general household package, but also specific packages for the dishwasher and washing machine.

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General Household Box

General Household Box

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At Household Boxes, we understand that a clean home is not only a delight to the eyes but also essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle. That's why we've carefully curated the ultimate General Cleaning Box, just for you! 


1. **Dreft Dishwashing Liquid - Orange - 383ml:** Make dishwashing a pleasure with the fresh scent of ripe oranges.
2. **Finish Dishwasher Tablets - All-in-1 Eco Ultimate - 32 Tablets:** For spotless dishes with every wash.
3. **Bref Toilet Block - Power Active Lemon - 50g:** Keep your toilet fresh and hygienic with the powerful scent of lemon.
4. **Harpic Toilet Gel - Ocean Fresh - 750ml:** Enjoy an ocean-fresh fragrance every time you flush.
5. **Ajax All-Purpose Cleaner - Jasmine - 1.25l:** Effortlessly clean every surface with the enchanting aroma of jasmine.
6. **Ajax Glass Spray - Crystal Glass - 750ml:** Make your glassware and mirrors sparkle like new.
7. **Ajax Multi-Surface Spray - 750ml:** A versatile spray for various household chores.
8. **Ariel - Color 30 sc × 12:** Keep your colors vibrant and bright, wash after wash.
9. **Soupline Fabric Softener - Blue 56sc - 1.2l:** Give your clothes a silky touch and a fresh scent.
10. **Dettol Wipes - Perfect Hygiene - 24 pieces:** For quick and effective surface cleaning.
11. **Airwick Air Freshener - Pure Asian Cherry Blossom - 250ml:** Create a pleasant atmosphere with the scent of cherry blossoms.
12. **Palmolive Hand Soap - Milk & Honey - 300ml:** Keep your hands clean and soft with the delightful scent of milk and honey.


✨ **High-Quality Products:** Our box includes products only from reputable brands for guaranteed quality.
✨ **Affordable:** All these products for just €39.99, making cleaning affordable for everyone.
✨ **Easy Ordering:** Order with a few clicks and receive your box promptly at your doorstep.
✨ **Fresh and Clean Home:** Enjoy the fresh fragrances and the clean feeling our products will bring to your home.

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